Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mini soaps

I always love it when I recieve a "freebie" with an etsy order, it dosn't bother me when I don't get anything other than what I ordered, but a little something extra and unexpected always makes me so happy. For a while I've wanted to start including something with my packages but couldn't come up with the "right" thing, that is, until now! I started toying with the idea of making some mini felted soaps a couple of weeks ago and finally today I did something about it. I had my first sale since August on Friday night and that gave me the push I needed to get them done.
I'm really happy with how they came out!
I cut up a normal size bar of soap from Morganstreet into 6 pieces, and then felted each one normally. Because they're so small they went really quickly. One of them (the purple and blue one on the far left) has a bare spot at one end where the wool was too thin so I may just have to keep it for myself :) They are a perfect travel size! Maybe I'll bring it with me next time I go away somewhere. I'm also thinking about making a bunch more and trying a promo like the little black box.
I think sometime in the future (maybe over winter break) I'll put together a soap felting tutorial to post here.

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